Monday, April 28, 2008

Rosemount Grenache Shiraz

In my pursuit for a shiraz that Desiree would actually drink I picked up a bottle of Rosemount's Grenache Shiraz. Usually the oak flavors in a shiraz turn her off right away.

We were both taken back by this blend. The grenache grape subdues the typical oak-flavor of the shiraz and enables the fruits to take most of the stage. It seems like all the bite, which is not much, is in the front leaving the end smooth as all get out and very enjoyable. It's a perfect starter wine or starter shiraz for that matter - very mild, nice fruit-flavors, very smooth and very tasty.

According to their marketing it goes great with pasta (of course) barbecue and middle-eastern dishes. If you're hesitant about shiraz or wine in general I would serve it chilled; however, a enjoying all wine just below room temperature.

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