Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Best Coffee

Yesterday my sister-in-law, Sara and I were shopping at our favorite discount store called Glennwood Foods. I mentioned before how we always find organic foods and all kinds of other gourmet specialty foods, super CHEAP!

Well, she turns to me holding this can of coffee and says, "is this coffee any good?" I was at the other end of the aisle and came running up to see if she was really holding what I thought she was holding. It sure was Illy Coffee. I wanted to scream, I was so excited and grabbed all of the cans on the shelf. 13 total. Sara only wanted 3 so I got the other 10.

When I finally looked at the price, I freaked out even more because it was only $1.79 a can!!! Sara of course thinks I'm crazy because I get this excited about coffee. But seriously it is so good that an 8 ounce can is normally $13.00.

I only had Illy coffee one other time, but have always dreamed about having again. It is so smooth and there's no bitter or after taste like other coffees. And I especially love it because it's authentic Italian coffee, simply the best!

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