Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet Cherry Pie

Summer is almost over and it would not be complete without a sweet cherry pie. I meant to post this last month when cherries were at their peak, but have been caught up with.. well, you know, summer things.

While I've never really been a fan of cherry pie, it is my husband's favorite. Most cherry pies that I've had were either too tart or sour and in my opinion, the sweeter the better. I was graciously given a HUGE bag of juicy and sweet bing cherries so there was no excuse not to make cherry pie when they are free and this gorgeous.

Thank God for that handy little pitter. I still had cherry juice all over myself. What a mess!

I used this recipe from my Everyday Food magazine. The only thing I changed was add a 1/4 tsp. of almond extract.

The pie was definitely different than the cherry pies that use the canned filling. It seemed almost more like a cherry cobbler. It was still delicious, but the filling wasn't quite thick enough. I will try a different recipe next time or maybe it was just something I did wrong. If anyone has knowledge on the topic or wanna share a great recipe, I'm all ears.


Stephen Mark Sarro said...

So, i graciously give you the cherries, and i get no piece of pie in the end? raw deal :)
looks good

Desiree said...

Ha, I know, sorry. I am going to make it again and it will be better. Then you can have some:)

KC Lakeman said... might try a little bit of cornstarch to thicken it...but very little...maybe a tablespoon...use a little bit of the juice from the cherries to liquify the cornstarch and then mix in with the cherries...

Desiree said...

Hi Aunt KC!! Thanks, yeah it probably did need more corn starch.